Photos | John Vanderslice, The Show Is The Rainbow | The Billiken Club, 4/16

John Vanderslice is an upstanding gentleman. He complimented me on my hair, and I told him straight up that it needs to be blow-dried upside down! DUH! Aaaaanywho, the sassy San Fransiscoan and his cohorts played a lovely set at The Billiken Club last week, and although I did not do an adequate review of his set, here are some photos I captured of Vanderslice and opener Darren Keen, a.k.a. The Show Is The Rainbow. Now, I’m not claiming to be a photographer but these photos are better than nothin’!

Omaha’s The Show Is The Rainbow was more than a little maniacal. In between running through the crowd frantically and falling to his knees, his live show was literally exhausting. One of his songs accused “Indie Kids” of being the new “Goths”, which is fine by me, since ignorant fools mistakenly call me gothic anyways. But back to the show. Darren complained about the syrupy margaritas (I feel for you, brother!) and said he was a much better of a dancer than anyone in the audience. In between attempting to do push-ups and almost running into audience members, he projected a video onto a screen behind him which basically showcased himself singing along to his own songs. It was a laugh and a half, to say the least, and I really enjoyed all of his mental-breakdowns.

Similar to last year’s performance with St. Vincent, Vanderslice conquered his audience and led them outside triumphantly for a few very special songs. I felt like I was in a cult, but in a good way? Either way, feast your eyes upon what went down.


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