Album Review | Tokyo Police Club – Elephant Shell

I will admit that I gave a lot of slack to Tokyo Police Club…for sounding like Tokyo Police Club, but Elephant Shell is a decent album. I was afraid that the boys would stick to what was going good, but to my surprise they made some musical strides away from Lesson In Crime. Tokyo Police Club doesn’t take too many musical risks, but just enough to keep and please all fans. I’ve read other reviews of Elephant Shell and most have said that every song on the album could stand on its own as a single. And I wish I could say I agree, but I do not. Some songs are simply boring and feel like filler to the rest of the catchier tracks. To my surprise, Elephant Shell features quite a few slower tracks. I have to admit that I really enjoy them because they really show that the boys are trying to have more of a complete sound. The last track is ” The Baskervilles” and at first listen it may seem forgettable. In actuality, it is the best ending that Elephant Shell could ever have. It eases you into what you will heard on the album. But I am simply in love with the song, “Nursery Academy” because of the melody and the intricate drum beating. It’s a great song and really keeps your attention to continue listening to the album. The one thing that reeled me in as a TPC fan was the fact that their songs were poignant and they stayed true to keeping most of their tracks under 3 minutes long. TPC like all the hype bands I fall in love with will always have a soft spot in my heart. Those silly Canadians, how can I not support such avid spastic clappers.

Stand out tracks are The Baskervilles, Nursery Academy, Tessellate, and In A Cave


One response to “Album Review | Tokyo Police Club – Elephant Shell

  1. soft spots are for feti

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