Album Review | The Death Set – Worldwide

The Death Set are a type of band that should be avoided if you cannot handle spastic, screeching vocals and DIY punk arrangements.  However, if this sounds ideal to you, then we are on the same ferry boat entirely.  Worldwide serves as a testament to the Baltimore scene at the moment, packed with frantic energy and scuzzy, sweaty appeal.  I was anxiously awaiting their full-length from the moment I heard their To EP.  Their latest album features many tracks from To and Rad Warehouses Bad Neighborhoods, however the sound is a bit more refined.  Combining elements of electro-punk (see “Listen To This Collision” and “Moving Forward”) Nintento-laden freak-outs (“Intermission” and “Cold Teeth”) and even hip-hop (!), the motherfucking Death Set’s eighteen tracks–none over 2:50–are all certain to get you riled up and ready to go insane.  Johnny Siera’s vocals are bratty and loud, which totally works within their overall bare sound.  It is this lo-fi aesthetic that keeps the album interesting and not at all repetitive.  Definitely recommended for your next house party, but don’t get mad at me if your momma’s lamp gets shattered.


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