Toe Taps and Spastic Claps becomes HYPEABLE!

The Hype Machine

That’s right! Your favorite St. Louis Music Blog is now available for search on The Hype Machine! What is The Hype Machine? Well, it’s only the greatest website ever to be created. It puts music blogs in a search engine and allows a searcher to find certain music via a blog. Example: I search The Cool Kids. I will be shown 200 music blogs that offer a free song or two by The Cool Kids, along with information on where to buy Cool Kids albums. You must go directly to the blog to download the song, but while you’re there you get to read an awesome blog post about the artist.

So, now that we are available on Hype, it’ll make it a lot easier for people to find out about the hip local STL scene. You can get a widget of all the songs that we post on the site. It’s going to be fabulous.


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