God Warrior Of The Week

Our God Warrior for the week of April 20th is El Guincho!

My first reaction to El Guincho was that he sounds Panda Bear en español. While there are shocking similarities between the two artists’ sounds (think ambient, echo-y vocals and repetitive, psychedelic loops), El Guincho– a.k.a. Pablo Díaz-Reixa–definitely holds his own in his native land of Spain. Check out the remix he did for Architecture In Helsinki! It scares me, but in the best way possible. The other track, “Fata Morgana”, sounds strikingly similar to the un-released “Brother Sport” by Animal Collective. ¡Escuche! (Hope that is correct, my few years of Spanish were a bit trifilin’.)

Architecture In Helsinki – Like It Or Not (El Guincho remix) [MP3]

El Guincho – Fata Morgana [MP3] [buy]


One response to “God Warrior Of The Week

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