Record Store Day | April 19th At a Record Store Near You!

When my job told me I would be promoting “Record Store Day” on April 19th, my first thought was “Wait, shouldn’t every day be Record Store Day?”  Maybe our world isn’t ready for such debauchery, however nonetheless this Saturday every music fan in our great nation should run over to their nearest independent record store and support the shit out of them.

I will be hitting up both Vintage Vinyl and Euclid Records in St. Louis to see what goes down.  Vintage Vinyl is going to have DJ sets from members of Stars and New Pornographers!  Euclid will be having performances, a BBQ and tons of free-giveaways!

Vintage Vinyl‘s flyer for the event:

Annie Zeleski from the RFT and A to Z is going to be DJ’ing?!  How sweet is that?  Also, FREE PBR and Monster?  Tight, brah!

Euclid Records:

12 noon: The Bottle Rockets
1 p.m.: Farshid Etniko
2 p.m.: Finn’s Motel
3 p.m.: Rough Shop
4 p.m.: Dave Stone
5 p.m.: Tight Pants Syndrome

–Check out the store’s blog, Lockwood and Summit, for more info!

For a list of participating record stores near you, visit


One response to “Record Store Day | April 19th At a Record Store Near You!

  1. Hey, just now noticed this…thanks so much for linking to Euclid’s Record Store Day Event and to our blog as well.

    We adore Toe Taps and Spastic Claps and visit often!

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