God Warrior Of The Week

The God Warrior for the week of April 13th is Juiceboxxx!

Rapper/Producer/DJ/spastic-ass Juiceboxxx likes to stress that he is from Milwaukee, WI and nowhere else. (Side note: he actually hails from Mequon, WI, a very affluent suburb…) Nonetheless, his 2007 release “R U There God? Itz Me Juiceboxxx” is crazy. Apparently this guy has been honing his craft since high school, playing basement shows and “Battle Of The Bands” gigs like it was already his job. Well, now gettin’ buck is his job and he does not fail to deliver. From what I understand, his live shows are freaky-deaky nutz. He is set to tour a few random cities across the US starting April 23 in Cleveland (big ups!) with Holy Shit!, Thumbs Up!, and Toxic Shock.

Juiceboxxx – Do U Want 2 Hear It? [MP3] [Insound] [MySpace]


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