KSLU On XMU’s Student Exchange Program

A little shameless self-promotion never hurts, right?  Well anywho, I was chosen to represent KSLU–St. Louis University Radio as part of XMU’s Student Exchange Program on April 20th from 3-5 pm Central Time.  KSLU’s own Christine Sanley was featured on the program a while back, and she did such a good job that they are askin’ for more.

Maybe you have XM in your vehicle, maybe you have it in your home, or maybe you don’t have it at all.  But don’t fret, dear friends, you can register for a free trial online to listen in on the 20th!  Or, if you happen to have DIRECTV, XMU has a channel (831) that will allow you to pump up the jamz.

The Student Exchange Program is pretty neat, it features tons of college radio stations across our lovely nation every Sunday.  I will be playing some standard and not-so-standard new indie rock from both KSLU’s selection and my own personal music library, so it’s bound to be a thriller. 


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