Damn Girl, Don’t Hurt ‘Em

Caroline Doerhoff, 19.

I was able to snag some time with this dame at KSLU’s Solid Gold dance-party this past Saturday. Boy, she was lookin’ fierce, per usual. She is editor-in-chief for The Amp, KSLU Radio’s online music-publication, which y’all should check out right about NOW.

Explain the outfit.
This outfit is a questionably flesh-toned dress, belted at the waist for shapeliness and paired with black tights and shoes that look like the 80’s lovechild of pumps and ankle boots.

Where do you like to shop?
I love Value Village (a velour sweatshirt for 99 cents!), then H&M (employee discount) and the sale rack at Urban Outfitters (cheap prices on cheaply made clothes).

What catches your eye when clothes shopping?

I’ll pick something up because it looks laughable, and then after a few seconds of looking at it, I’ll want to try it on. Paisley, cardigans, and anything black are always sure to catch my eye.

If you could be any article of clothing, what would it be and why?

A well-wrapped scarf. It just pulls the outfit together with a touch of flair, you know?

–I heard dat!


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