Lollapalooza Lineup Revealed…via The Suntimes

Well, well the sneaky Suntimes found out the lollapalooza lineup by asking all of the bands’ record labels to confirm the date. I was a little skeptical because last year there was only one day that I truly enjoyed which included Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, M.I.A, and Ted Leo & The Pharmacists. I have to say that you will probably be seeing me at this year’s Lollapalooza. The lineup is simply too good. Headliners include Radiohead, Wilco, Kanye West, and Rage Against the Machine. Yes, I am excited for Rage Against the Machine. Stop judging me! Last year I was lucky enough to nab a $60 ticket, but this year I am going to have to shell out $190 (unless some glorious person wants to “sponsor” Toe Taps and Spastic Claps going to Lolla!) But other ‘it’s gonna be a shit show’ artists include Girl Talk, Kid Sister, The Cool Kids, Battles, and The Go! Team. While artists ‘I wonder how they are going to translate at a huge festival’ include Pitchfork Festival alums Grizzly Bear, Cat Power, and Stephen Malkmus. I have been waiting for this lineup for a long time and I can’t wait till Lollapalooza officially releases information about other artists on April 7th. For now, I will be counting pennies in my couch to save up for an overrated, overpriced, too crowded, too hot, super music festival.


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