God Warrior of the Week

God Warrior of the week of April 6th is…


Photo courtesy of Jennifer Silverberg via RFT website

André Anjos is someone that you probably don’t know, but should know. Well first off, André is in The Pragmatic and like most St. Louis bands for some reason feature electronics. They will fittingly be opening for Dan Deacon this Saturday, April 12th at The Billiken Club.

André is also the founding member of Remix Artist Collective. The collective efforts of various indie electronic artists does remixes of other big indie stars like Tokyo Police Club, Ra Ra Riot, Bloc Party, Coconut Records (past God Warrior!) and Radiohead. Wait, what was that? Radiohead? Yeah, RAC made a remix of Radiohead’s “Nude” for their remix competition and is currently ranked 6th in the world? THE WORLD! Other than being the most underrated artist of the St.Louis scene, he is now a God Warrior. You can read more about André in an article written by Annie Zaleski for the Riverfrontimes. Make sure to vote for the RAC remix of “Nude” on the Radiohead “Nude” remix website.

Check out The Pragmatic with their remix of Justice.

Justice – Phantom Part III (The Pragmatic Remix) [MP3]


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