Concert Review | The Billiken Club 3/28 School of Language, Riddle of Steel and The Bureau

It was Day 2 of the Billiken Club’s Bene-fest and I’ll be honest, I never heard of The Bureau or Riddle of Steel. I was basically only excited for School of Language. It was a strange time for me aurally.

After Bodies of Water “pulled out” of playing, The Billiken Club found local replacements The Bureau. I chose to watch from our table at the time and unfortunately I didn’t get to thoroughly see their performance. From where I was sitting, I could see that the band was pretty epic looking–as in there was a lot of people playing the same instruments. The band sounded like a 90’s rock band with electronics (we’ll just let it be at that).  The lead singer made a statement about how he didn’t know he was playing a benefit concert in quite a rude manner. I think that is where he might have lost the crowd, or mostly me at that point.

Second band to perform was Riddle of Steel, I will admit that I was a little bit biased because I hate the word Steel. It was yet another St. Louis band that I had not heard. Once again, I felt that I might have time warped to the 90’s, but this time it was sans the electronics. It was a good performance and definitely pleased a lot of fans that were in the crowd. Not my style, but I did my hating for the night.

After listening to The Buzz for the past 2 hours, I was quite relieved that School of Language was finally taking the stage. The side project of Field Music’s David Brewis, it had a sound unsurprisingly very similar to his original. It was the last day of his first tour, and it looked like he was feeling a mixture of excitement and tiredness. He began his set with “Rockist 1” and his vocals were extremely loud in the speaker, but I won’t put that blame on him. Forgetting to complete the first song, David had to be reminded by his drummer that he in fact had “done it, again”, but he eventually completed the song. Playing a good majority of Sea From Shore, it was a great set and I enjoyed all the songs immensely. He was adorable and probably in the running for the nicest lad in the world.

It had a bad turnout and that made it a sad account. Ask me what you missed out on? I’ll say, “not much.”

But interview with David from School of Language will be coming soon!

All Pictures Courtesy of Tim Lemieux


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