Stereogum Enlist Experimental All Stars to Cover Bjork

The way-cool music blog Stereogum has used its ability to sway current stars in the experimental psych-folk circuit to cover Bjork’s album Post. Stereogum has done projects like this before to mark anniversaries including Radiohead’s OK Computer and R.E.M.’s Drive XV. Thankfully, they decided not to do Neutral Milk Hotel’s In An Aeroplane Over the Sea because I probably would have been a snob and complained that they should never have touched a beautiful classic. Post was Bjork’s 3rd full length album released in 1995 and features notable songs like, “It’s Oh So Quiet” and “Army of Me.” You either love her or hate her, I happen to love her. (side note: I was always annoyed that when I see an MTV special of ‘100 Greatest Voices of All Time’, they always put her on it and then fail to give any other kind of promotion. *shakes fist at the sky*) Well, I think that the tribute is great because the artists made sure to make her songs their own. I’ve heard my fair share of Bjork covers and I can say that I have continued to live without them. Not anymore. This is a masterpiece and you should not go on living without it.

  1. Army of Me – Liars
  2. Hyper Ballad – Dirty Projectors
  3. Modern Things – High Places
  4. It’s Oh So Quiet – Bell
  5. Enjoy – Pattern Is Movement
  6. You’ve Been Flirting Again – Evangelicals
  7. Isobel – Xiu Xiu
  8. Possibly Maybe – Final Fantasy & Ed Droste
  9. I Miss You – Winter Hinderland
  10. Cover Me – El Guincho
  11. Headphones – Atlas Sound
  12. It’s Oh So Quiet (alternate take) – No Age

You can download the whole thing for free, HERE! Check out Bjork on [Myspace]

While you’re there you should find out more info about her newest video in 3-D and where you can get free 3-D glasses!


One response to “Stereogum Enlist Experimental All Stars to Cover Bjork

  1. you can get Bjork 3D glasses at Euclid Records on Record Store Day. April 19th!

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