Artist Profile | DJ Baby Karats

Here she is: Boone’s Farm enthusiast and rapper/singer-songwriter Leah Karioris. This loon of a lady will tentatively be performing stand-up comedy this-coming Friday at the Billiken Club in-between sets at the Gentleman Auction House, Bald Eagle, and Witch’s Hat show.

Known for her raunchy, taboo rants, Leah’s inspirations include Snoop Dogg, Sanita Saengvilay, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jonah Hill (who she amazingly resembles) and Mark Twain (“smart and country”, according to the lady herself).

She is known for writing Mickey Avalon-esque rhymes and lusting after her History teacher. Word. Make sure you check out her antics this Friday at The Billiken Club! This lady is a downright hoot.

Under the moniker DJ Baby Karats, Leah wrote this rhyme a while back with fellow TT&SCer Sanita:

Sanita & Leah – BSE [MP3]


2 responses to “Artist Profile | DJ Baby Karats

  1. oh shit that’s my roommate! yay. go leah!

  2. This isn’t botany class.

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