I Sing “IEIEI” with White Denim

You may not know this, but TT&SC loves White Denim. These boys are from Austin, TX and play a mixture of good classic rock and roll smashed in with sloppy indie sound bytes. Their performance at the old Billiken Club last semester left us in complete awe, and broke from buying all their EPs. But they just made a new video for their song “IEIEI” featuring clips from their latest tour and (da di dah!) you can see footage of them driving past that huge cross and the arch! For the Chicagoans out there, you can even some familiar landmarks such as Millennium Park. Those boys are such tourists!

White Denim will be heading to Europe soon, but will be coming back to the States to do some shows until late May. If they are doing a show near you, I highly recommend that you go see them! You definitely won’t regret it. You can also read the interview I did with them for The Amp when they rolled into Saint Louis.


4 responses to “I Sing “IEIEI” with White Denim

  1. I don’t know why, but when I was playing “space ball” with White Denim, I thought the dude all the way to the right was a girl.

  2. Irum, I hope they don’t read this post. :p

  3. that was adorable. effingham, chicago, and all those bridges! ahh memories..

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