Only Love For Heart Shaped Hate

Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to introduce you to Jenna Horwath, 20, of Northern Illinois University and drummer of band, Heart Shaped Hate.
Whether she is deciding to do homework or open for Crystal Castles, girl makes sure she dresses like she always has got it going on. Here, she is seen wearing hot pink shorts that she found at a thrift store. It cannot be seen in this shot, but there are sequins on the side that were sewn on by bandmate, Natali. Even though the concert was jam packed and extremely hot, Jenna still sported her hoody regardless of the current situation.
Jenna Horwath, always ready to party and always ready to dance. Be wary if you see her on the dance floor because she might pogo you in the shoulder numerous times.

2 responses to “Only Love For Heart Shaped Hate


    i mean a straight up dork.

  2. I love this person. This entry made your blog a lot cooler.

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