Album Review | Ssion – Fool’s Gold

One look at the cover art for Ssion’s Fool’s Gold, and I was left frightened, bamboozled, and downright curious. I mean, naturally I would be intrigued by anything with the word ‘gold’ in the title, so I had to see what it was all about. I heard a lot about this band in years previous and had heard their tune “Street Jizz” numerous times, however Fool’s Gold is the first Ssion album to grace my ears. At first listen, one may think this group is playing sold-out shows at every super-trendy club in NYC. While this soon may be the case, Ssion’s roots lay deep in none other than Kansas City.

Let’s just say this: while listening to Fool’s Gold, my mind imagines Ssion (pronounced “shun”) partying it up at some rave with Madonna while Trannies in neon sequins and leather-clad midgets dance around on stage, and it’s kind of scary. Weird? Yes, I know. But if anyone’s ever listened to the oh-so-similar Gravy Train!!!! they may understand where I’m coming from. With contributions from Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear) and Johnny Jewel (Glass Candy), Fool’s Gold transports you into a 70’s neon-funk time warp similar to the smooth, synthy sounds of Chromeo and New Young Pony Club. Tracks like “Clown”, “Fear Us”, and “A Wolves Eye” are solid (gold), but the rest of the album just doesn’t make me want to grab a glow-stick and call myself a believer. This album doesn’t break any barriers, it isn’t going to thrust Ssion into some sort of super-stardom, but if you like to work it on the dance floor while wearing gold spandex (like my girl Leslie!) you may want to give this album a listen.

Tracklist For Fool’s Gold:
01. Clown
02. Bullshit
03. Street Jizz
04. Fear Us
05. The Woman
06. Day Job
07. Warm Glove
08. A Wolves Eye
09. Ah Ma
10. Heaven


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