Concert Review | Crystal Castles and HEALTH – From Chicago to Cleveland Part I

Well, Alison and I have parted ways for a few days to return to our humble abodes for spring break. Although it’s our vacation from school, we are still working hard to keep bringing you the latest in music. Currently we will be giving you different accounts of the same concert.

Sanita’s Review | The House Cafe – 3/19/08 Crystal Castles, HEALTH, Heart Shaped Hate, and Eyes.

It’s spring break and all I want to do is dance.

So I drove an hour away to Dekalb, IL to the ambiguous venue that is The House Cafe. I’ve been here before, experiencing the dance party during the night that is Dan Deacon as well as the oh-so-cute Page France during the day. This place may look like your usual quaint coffee shop, but by night it easily converts into a bumping House (ba dum cheuh!) party. I got there extremely early because there was talk that the show would sell out, which did hold true to fact. It was one of the last dates that HEALTH and Crystal Castles will be playing on the same bill before CC parts to play across the pond. It was obvious people knew this and were willing to take the trek. The venue was jam packed by a crowd of teenage glam rock emos rather than the expected smell kid crowd. But if you are willing to dance, it doesn’t matter to me who you are.

First to perform was extremely experimental and disorganized band, Eyes. The band consisted of a drunken man slurring random sentences over an electronic R&B beat. The crowd, including myself, was simply tolerating this band and could not wait till it was over.

Next up were local ladies from my hometown, Heart Shaped Hate. Branding themselves avid connoisseurs of “pink metal”, these ladies were adorned in hot pink shorts and sequin dresses, and the crowd knew that this was not the band to mess with. The two-woman band sounded similar to The Deathset except heavier in beats and sound. Considering the band doesn’t even have an album, let alone an EP, the crowd ate them up anyways.

After a bunch of shifting around for the two prior sets, the crowd was finally staying put to stake out a spot for the last two bands. LA’s HEALTH was now taking the stage and after seeing them perform in Saint Louis, I had no idea how they could outperform the last time I saw them. I was glad to see that they change their sets from each show. The boys were working hard for the money that night and were obviously out of breath by the middle of the set. The show was rounded out with “Triceratops” and “Girl Attorney” which was the best way to end their set. The crowd was kind of lame, but it was probably because they were too entranced by the art that is HEALTH.


Finally, Crystal Castles. This is what everyone seemed to be waiting for. We were all in suspense. How would this band sound live? Would their electronic driven beats translate in person? It was dark, hot, and someone kept cutting the cheese while we waited. It was quite atrocious and everyone’s patience was growing wary. Alice finally got on stage and started singing her heart out. The strobe lights were disorienting at first, but by the second song I just pretended I was at a European rave. Their remix of Health’s “Crimewave” was especially on point and couldn’t be performed any better. The crowd was going nuts and if you weren’t dancing then you were just getting in the way. Alice was bouncing off the walls and was basically swinging off the disco ball that hung off the stage. I got man handled by a little dancing man and then I ate somebody’s fro of a pony tail before I eventually ran off to the side of the stage to get my own dancing room. Let it be a reminder that Crystal Castles’ self-titled debut had dropped on March 18th, only a day before this show. These people were all fans of Crystal Castles and couldn’t be more excited. The show ended with the hip hop beat of “Alice Practice” and was a perfect cool down for those who were dancing non-stop like me. Although they didn’t perform “1991”, it was a solid set and I can’t wait till I get the chance to see them again.

All pictures are courtesy of Sanita Saengvilay

[Edit: All links working now. Holla!]


2 responses to “Concert Review | Crystal Castles and HEALTH – From Chicago to Cleveland Part I

  1. HOT DAMN! a crystal castles remix of health right after those sexy men were on stage?? ggaoaoahhhh!

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