Album Review | Love And Circuits: A Cardboard Records Compilation From Aa To Zs

Love And Circuits is a massive 2 disc, 57 track mind-explosion. Experimental-noise outfit Parts & Labor founded Brooklyn label Cardboard Records in 2005 as a way to tap into the underground music scene, ranging in genres from freak-folk to no-wave, experimental to electronica. The tracks are alphabetized by artist, which is an added bonus. Almost all of the tracks are exclusive to the compilation, meaning a shit-ton of amazing artists are really reppin’ this label. Ranging from Aa’s “Who’s The Boss” to Zs’ “In My Dream I Shot A Monk”, the compilation presents a cohesive blend of artists that people should really be paying attention to.

It features songs from (TT&SC faves) Ecstatic Sunshine, Maps And Atlases, Fuck Buttons, Japanther, Pterodactyl, Matt & Kim, Raccoo-oo-oon, Shooting Spires, The USA Is A Monster, and Trey Told ‘Em (the bad ass remix project of Girl Talk and friend Hearts Of Darknesses), just to name a solid few.

Even more insane, Trey Told ‘Em’s stand-out track “All Of The Other Songs Remixed” is exactly that–a 56 song remix. At first listen it’s hard to tell, but in due time the individual tracks really stand out.
You can download the track to get a bit of an idea as to how the rest of the compilation sounds like, and afterwards you should cop this disc, yo!

Trey Told ‘Em – All Of The Other Songs Remixed [MP3]


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