Yeasayer Spastically Clap For La Blogotheque

Yeasayer. Do I need to say anymore about how awesome they are and how much TT&SC loves these crazy Brooklynites? They were one of our favorite new artists of 2007 and we could not contain our excitement when we found out they recently filmed a video for their song “2080” with La Blogotheque. Literally, Alison and I have impromptu rain-dances whenever we hear their song “Forgiveness”.

I was going to post this video awhile ago, but streaming from French networks doesn’t work too well. So, I finally settled for some youtubage. This video clip involves everything I love about Yeasayer, including all of the chanting and spastic clapping. The best part of the video is the conversation that the band has about making the video in the beginning. Watch it if you want your life to be changed NOW.


One response to “Yeasayer Spastically Clap For La Blogotheque

  1. That video was possibly one of the most amazing things ever.

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