Concert Review | The Billiken Club 3/8 – Catfish Haven, Headlights and Evangelicals

We are usually always excited for every Billiken Club concert, but this one turned out to be specifically spectacular considering that the whole line up consisted of our favorite bands at the moment! Naturally, our expectations were high and it can definitively be said that we did not leave the show disappointed.

The show started off with the ever so strange Evangelicals from Normal, OK. A fan of their 2006 release, So Gone, I was sad to hear them mostly playing from their new album, The Evening Descends. Performing in almost complete darkness other than their use of black lights, strobe lights and a fog machine accompanied their set to create quite an atmosphere.

Considering I couldn’t really see them due to some intense fog-machine action, it sounded like they were giving it their all. The show was quite psychedelic to say the least.

Champaign, IL’s Headlights were the second band to take stage. Yes, we are probably the last blog to write about Headlights, but hey, we’re trying to make up for it now! Their set didn’t utilize any special effects, however the simplicity of it all allowed the audience to focus much more on their raw, newer sound. Reminiscent of Stars, the band had a drastically different sound from their tour mates, Evangelicals.

It could be seen that the band had to muster a lot of energy to put on a performance, although it seemed like they were motivated by the fact that it was their CD release show. It was also bassist Nick’s birthday, and he received 25 loving spankings from a member of Evangelicals. It was a really great performance and I only expect to hear bigger and better things happening from them in the future.

Headlights performed mostly tracks from their newest album, Some Racing, Some Stopping. They are a technical band and proved their abilities as musicians during their entire performance. They have worked hard on their latest sound and their penchant for harmonious, collaborative, indie-pop music is a testimony to this.

Headliners Catfish Haven–hailing from Elgin, IL– finally took the stage sans their usual back-up singers, but the look in their eyes told us they were ready to give a great performance as always. Starting off their set with title track from their album, Tell Me, the audience was more than ready to get the dance party started. Catfish Haven is known for their boozey soul rock n’ roll, but I didn’t think that ‘boozey’ was a literal term. The boys were hyped up and you could tell, because George was singing so fast that he was slurring his own lyrics. He was belting his heart out and everyone in the venue couldn’t help but feel that same raw emotion.

Performing only a couple of tracks from their new album, this made me even more excited about them. Prior to the show, Catfish Haven revealed in an interview with TT&SC the details of their upcoming album and other fun facts. Interview coming soon!!!

All photos courtesy of Alison Arida.


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