French Kicks’ New Album Due to Drop April 1st

New new new French Kicks! Haven’t heard of the gents, you say? Shame on you! I’m more than obsessed. I mean, my radio show is named after one of their songs. Although they are one of my favorite bands in the biz’ right now, I happen to think they are highly underrated. This may all change next month.

After the small successes of 2006’s full-length Two Thousand and Roller EP, Brooklyn, NY’s French Kicks are ready to release their fourth full-length album on Vagrant Records. Their most recent releases have perfectly blended airy, disco-pop and garage-rock elements that never scrimp on the (spastic) claps, however the Kicks believe their up-coming album is a testament to their “true” sound.

Swimming track listing is as follows:

1) Abandon
2) Over The World
3) Carried Away
4) New Man
5. Said So What
6. Atlanta
7. Love In The Ruins
8. With The Fishes
9. The Way You Arrive
10. All Our Weekends
11. Sex Tourists
12. This Could Go Wrong

French Kicks – Abandon [MP3]


One response to “French Kicks’ New Album Due to Drop April 1st

  1. Amazing text.., brother

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