Tupac In University City!

So, today I was hanging out in the Loop just doin’ my thang, minding my biz.  Out of nowhere, I was approached by a man who says, (and I am being completely serious), “I am Tupac.”  Now, dear readers, I do not think he was aware of my obsession with the legend himself, so I thought it was uncanny that he would tell me his secret, of all people to tell.  Let this be a call to arms–Tupac is living in St. Louis and he has lost his marbles.

I really would have liked to talk to this Tupac, however he was too busy doing lunges in the snow and singing to pretty ladies on the street.  I feel like I would have gotten more than I bargained for, so I just let it be.  In true Tupac fashion, he smelled like weed, hit on an old lady who was walking with her children, and was high-kicking in the street.  He was completely mad, but think of what fame can do to someone.


2 responses to “Tupac In University City!

  1. Did he have on a do-rag, a nose piercing, and headphones? Eyes were kind of glazed? If so, that’s Mike. He is infamous in the Loop.

  2. What a funny visual you created … I can just see you two out there social-izing!!!!

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