Album Review | Mahjongg – Kontpab

I said goddamn! This ain’t your grandmother’s ancient Chinese solitaire! Chicago, IL (by way of Columbia, MO) based Mahjongg’s sophomore release on K Records, Kontpab, transcends genre specifics and cuts straight to the magic. Blurring the line between tribal-influenced, Battles-esque polyrhythms and downright dance-punk, Kontpab combines heavy percussive blasts and jittery guitars with scathing-hot synths to produce 42.4 minutes of organized chaos. We should have seen it coming. I mean, the album art on the back-cover is a Magic Eye, for Pete’s sake.

The first song off of the album, “Pontiac”, guides the listener through two minutes of head-bopping build-up until it finally erupts into an all-out dance party. It successfully serves as the introduction to the complex and amusing entities that are their other eight tracks.

The rest of the album is a layered mess of sorts, but it works. It will make you want to dance and stomp and shimmy your brains out. We think the chorus of “These Birds Are Bats” is slightly reminiscent of the famous “Downtown” by Petula Clark, but hey, who’s pointing fingers?

Standout Trackz: “Tell The Police The Truth”, “Problems”, “Wipe Out”, “Rise Rice”.


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