The Michael Showalter Show(walter)

When I first heard that critically acclaimed comedian Michael Showalter was coming to St. Louis, I couldn’t believe my ears. I loved him in Wet Hot American Summer , Stella, and The Baxter. I mean, he’s no David Wain, but we give him tonz of credit anyway.  I haven’t been able to watch his new show, The Michael Showalter Showalter, but I assume it’s a laugh and a half.

If you don’t know who this gent is, check out his credentials!  He rolls with the likes of David Cross, Michael Ian Black, Paul Rudd, David Wain, and Andy Samberg.

Sanita and I rushed to arrive at Washington University in St. Louis by 7:00 pm. We thought, “It’s Michael Showalter! And it’s FREE! It’s gonna be sooooo packed, we might not even get in!” Although our names were ‘on the list’, we felt there was no guarantee that we’d get to see our favorite Stella-ite, so we booked it to the Science Lab and hurriedly made our way to the entrance like the anxious and crazed fans we are. We walked into a huge, true-blue lecture hall filled with about 80 or so people. It felt very strange, but we were nonetheless peeing ourselves.

Andrea Rosen (also of Stella fame and Yo-Plait Yogurt commercials…) warmed up the small crowd, joking about the possibility of a sexual relationship with her father if he were 30 years younger and the strange things people do at airports. She did her thang, even involving the overweight security guard in the corner of the room. Overall, the lady was a hoot and I almost liked her set as much as Michael’s.

He performed a few skits from his stand-up album,  Sandwiches and Cats, which was released in November 2007.  He shared with us his love for Scrabble by showing the audience excellent powerpoint presentations of the last game he took part in.  He scored big with words like preshat and penissockser.  

Here are a few problems that I had with the show:

1. The venue wasn’t fitting for a comedy show and I think it made Showalter uncomfortable.

2. Showalter bantered with audience members about liking Nickelback and going to summer camps in Buffalo, NY and after a while, it just got boring.  I understand comedians like to work off of their audiences, but I feel like he could have used that time to present some newer material or something.

3. He mentioned he really liked to doodle (he even has a page dedicated to them on his website), however when we asked if he’d do a sketch of Tupac for our ‘Where You At, Tupac?’ page, he sounded less than enthused and shrugged it off.

4. It’s not like we fell in love at first glance or whatever, like I had planned.

Yes, it was awkward.


2 responses to “The Michael Showalter Show(walter)

  1. and somehow i still think he is somewhat attractive…it was “The Baxter” that did it for me.

  2. oh that’s too fucking cool. wish i hadn’t missed it.

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