No Way! It’s The Notwist!

According to Pitchfork, The Notwist are releasing a new album entitled The Devil, You + Me. It has been six years since they last released an album and the thought of them even having worked on a new album is mind blowing. I really wonder what this new album is going to sound like, but you can see footage of them recording on their official website. You can also listen to the latest track, “Good Lies”, on Pitchfork or find it on hypemachine (Greatest website in the world!)

The German band rocks their indie pop with quiet electronic synths and guitar driven rhythms. Their Golden Neon LP included my favorite tracks such as “One With The Freaks” and “Consequence.” Their sound is very reminiscent to Ester Drang and Lovedrug.

There is no news of a tour to support their new album in the States yet, but here’s to hoping that they cross the pond during the summer.

Check out this sweet video for “One With The Freaks,” it’s seriously one of my all time favorite videos and songs.


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