Toe Taps and Spastic Claps to Co-Sponsor Benefest with The Billiken Club

Yeah, you heard right! During the last weekend in March, TT&SC will be co-sponsoring the Billiken Club’s Benefest along with KSLU–St. Louis University Radio.

This 3 day festival is being held to raise money for not-for-profit organization, Urban Studios, but it is also showcasing a sick lineup for all of St. Louis and surrounding areas to enjoy. Just as The Billiken Club provides us with amazing shows time-after-time, Urban Studios provides individual creative outlets that benefit the community as a whole. So, if you really like what The Billiken Club is offering the local music scene, show it some love and come support this important cause.

The fantastic lineup includes headliners Aloha, School Of Language, and British Sea Power.

More information (along with lists of the opening acts for each night of the Benefest) can be found on The Billiken Club’s official site.

Continuing with their support of the arts, The Billiken Club is also hosting a poster design contest. The deadline is quickly approaching, (March 10th) so we highly recommend that you get on with it immediately. More info can be found here!

So we hope to see you at the Benefest giving loads of money to the charity, maybe it’ll even get you a spot on Stylin’ & Profilin’, YO!


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