The Boy Least Likely To – I Box Up All The Butterflies


How long has it been since you least heard anything about these guys? Well, being tight friends with The Boy Least Likely To on Myspace, I was lucky enough to have read the bulletin offering their newest single or something…

According to their Myspace blog,

“i was wondering whether or not it could be considered a single. perhaps it’s just a song. it doesn’t have a video or a b side and it’s only available as a free download, so perhaps it isn’t a single at all. but then again it does have a front cover so i think it must be a single.

whatever it is i hope you like it.”

Yes, sir I do like it.

The song fits all the usual TBLLT requirements: twangy banjo, adorable voice, and catchy-ass beat. You have to go through all these bells and loops to download the single, but I will say that it is quite worth it. If you are lazy, go check out their myspace or listen to it on Pitchfork.

For now, I can give you a song from a similar-sounding St. Louis locals, Gentleman Auction House. The band will be performing at The Bluebird this Thursday, March 6th with Grampall Jookabox and Everthus The Deadbeats. It’ll be a raucous show indeed.

Gentleman Auction House – Book of Matches [MP3]


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