The Octopus Project Projects Awesome Style

Yvonne Lambert: samplers, keyboards, theremin (!!!!), glockenspiel, guitar for The Octopus Project.

Hot damn! This lady is holding it down! I mean, she’s obviously in great shape, has an adorable hair-cut, and she plays the theremin in one of the best indietronica outfits out right now. We were lucky enough to Style and Profile her last night at The Gargoyle in St. Louis.

Yvonne informed us that she really pays attention to color when choosing outfits. She fancied this dress because yellow is one of her favorite hues, and we must say it looks very becoming! She is also a fan of ’50’s and ’60’s inspired clothing, as seen in this vintage-looking frock.

She often shops at boutiques in her hometown of Austin and informed us that if she could choose to be any article of clothing, she would be a really great pair of red high heels. Sassy!

If this lady’s great style is any indication of her equally-awesome musical abilities, y’all should give The Octopus Project a listen.

Thanks, Yvonne!


One response to “The Octopus Project Projects Awesome Style

  1. Talented and stylin’? My kind of lady!

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