God Warrior of the Week

March 2nd’s God Warrior of the Week is…

Jason Schwartzman!

This is the first time we have ever had an actor/musician as the God Warrior, and we are damned excited! Jason has done a variety of things to solidify his position. He was quite lovely in The Darjeeling Ltd., in which he served as writer as well as actor.  Due to his stellar roles in I ❤ Huckabees and Rushmore,  the list can go on for why TT&SC loves him so much.

But this past winter, Jason’s musical-project Coconut Records released Nighttiming.  It’s full of smooth pop-anthems reminiscent of summertime.  The album is obviously a side project made in his apartment, but it is really precious.  This is not his first time dabbling in music, as he used to drum in the band Phantom Planet, but has long since moved on to pursue additional projects. We just hope that Coconut Records continues to make more sweet records for us to enjoy.

Jason Schwartzman is actor/musician/screenplay writer/ GOD WARRIOR! Add that to your resumé.

Coconut Records – Nighttiming [MP3]


2 responses to “God Warrior of the Week

  1. HALLELUJAH!! a warrior worthy of such worship.

    ‘i got punched in the face, what’s his problem?’

  2. you know I love this Sanita… he is one of my main criteria! yay

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