Toe Taps & Spastic Claps Does Tupac

To get this investigation underfoot, we have taken the liberty to each contribute to the cause. The following character sketches were done by us in hopes that if anyone has seen men who look suspiciously like these drawings, they will be able to give us Tupac’s whereabouts.

Let us explain:

Artist: Sanita Saengvilay, 20
Explanation: What if Tupac simply became fed up with the Thug Life? Sanita chooses to believe Tupac is a Buddhist living in Asia. He ain’t about the violence anymore. He grew a pointy Samurai beard as a disguise, wears a Kimono, and apparently straightens his hair wears a wig now, but notice the little piece of the West Coast he still chooses to rock–his blue bandana. His wide eyes signifies the “oh shit! you just caught me…ALIVE!”
Artist: Alison Arida, 19
Explanation: Tupac has re-located to a tropical island, most likely somewhere in the Dominican Republic or Jamaica. He simply lives with his concubines on his private estate. In order to live his life incognito he has grown very long dreadlocks and has developed his beard. Notice he still is imagined as sporting the diamond nose-stud which says, “I’m young and carefree!”, but the wrinkles under his eyes suggest otherwise. It’s tough for a playa’ in exile.

2 responses to “Toe Taps & Spastic Claps Does Tupac

  1. i used to wonder if there was a island full of celebrities and musicians that people don’t want to believe that they are dead. tupac, elvis, john lennon, etc. and they all live happily ever after.

  2. I like to believe that Tupac has become a kindergarten teacher and has changed his name to Damien.

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