Bike Cruisin’

Irum Javed, 21, Student at Saint Louis University, Barista at Kaldi’s…soon to be a freelancer of life!

Irum doesn’t dress like the usual college student–meaning sweats, Uggs and a university sweatshirt aren’t a part of her every-day wardrobe.

She makes sure to look funky fresh every single day.

She was found in Saint Louis University’s radio station, KSLU.  She is pictured above on a bicycle sporting a fabulous vintage scarf and sassy jeans tucked into her boots.

What’s the story behind your outfit?

It is comfortable and weather friendly. I got my shirt from Value Village for $3! Jeans and Boots are from Urban Outfitters (not on sale, so you can imagine). My scarf was a gift from my cousin, who lives in the land of Pakis (Pakistan). The bike…well, that is just how I get around everyday.

How would you describe your fashion?

Comfortable and classy. I like to get some pieces that resemble the ’40-’50s fashion scene and mix it up with some other stuff I find in my closet.

I am also heavily inspired by Dora the Explorer. That girl is going places!

What are your favorite stores?

I really like looking at Even though her clothes are outrageously expensive, they are good to get some inspiration from in case you want to make your own. Urban Outfitters of course, H&M (European stores), and thrift stores.

If you were a piece of clothing, what would you be?

This is a tough call. I love blazers, boots, and jeans, BUT if I had to be ONE piece of clothing it would be a scarf so I could wrap myself around your neck and keep you warm 🙂


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