Album Review | Cassius – 15 Again

Two men create an electronic album in 3 weeks from their abode in Paris, France. Sound familiar? Yet these men will probably have no other comparison to Daft Punk or Justice being compared to Daft Punk. Cassius have approached a much different and darker perspective of electronic music and sound more like Nine Inch Nails, or The Chemical Brothers with a dash of Gorillaz. It’s a lot darker and makes you want to think twice about getting up to dance, although the beats are completely danceable adapting the highly catchy hip hop beat for most songs.

“Toop, Toop” is the first track and indeed the danciest of them all, establishing itself as a club-banging hit.  “Rock Number One” is the one song that pulled me in: it’s catchy chorus changes the dynamic of the song with its faster beat and Prince-like guitar hook on top.  You can see for yourself down below.

“Eye Water” features Pharrell Williams from N.E.R.D. and is probably the best track off the album.  In the spirit of Motha Nature, it covers environmental issues which wouldn’t be expected from an electronic album, but Pharrell’s voice is just simply too glorious to ignore.

We need to start recycling in the name of Pharrell and Cassius!

It’s a pretty cohesive album considering it was made in 3 weeks, but it would definitely be hard to find the right mood to play it in–maybe contempt? Definitely give it a listen through.

Rock Number One – Cassius [MP3] [Myspace]


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