Keeping The Internet Real is The Hood Internet

I don’t think its been clearly made known that TT&SC have an outstanding obsession with The Hood Internet. The duo are based out of Chicago and have been known for their amazing indie mashups, including the most famous R.Kelly’s “I’m a Flirt” vs. Broken Social Scene’s “Shoreline”. If The Hood Internet had a cult, we’d definitely be the first to join it and this makes them a top contender for The Billiken Club‘s fall lineup.

As well as making great music, they also are quite the connoisseurs of Photoshopping. I might as well mentioned that Alison recieved a lightning bolt saber from them when they performed at CMJ.

Get it, girl!

The Hood Internet is wayyyyy too legit to quit. But recently it just has to be known that there is a seed of love that’s been planted for the likes of R. Kelly. We have grown to believe that any mash up done with his name in it will be great and it has yet to be proven otherwise to us. You can d/l a track of R. Kelly’s “Hook It Up” vs. Rogue Wave’s “Endless Shovel” as well as Crystal Castles vs. Nice & Smooth. But definitely go to the website to d/l more endless, beauteous mash ups FOR FREE!

Endless Hookup – DJ STV SLV (The Hood Internet)

I Rhymed Slow in 1991 – ABX (The Hood Internet)


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