Totally Flossed Out

Yeaaaaah boyee. Chicago, Illionaires The Cool Kids have released a fresh new track entitled “Action Figures”, straight offa their MySpace. Compared to their other jams, this gem boasts a tight synthesizer-laden hook and it is quite apparent that Chuck and Mikey’s flows are improving.

What it lacks, however, is the “chopped and screwed” style vocals and bass-heavy beats on their previous songs like “Black Mags” and “Gold and a Pager”.

Either way, the duo dropped their The Bake Sale Totally Flossed Out  EP last month on Chocolate Industries and is generating mass amounts of buzz from B-Boys and Indie kids alike. The boys are currently spittin’ their rhymes in Australia and parts of Europe, but will be back state-side for SXSW and Coachella.

You can get the track off of MySpace but we here at TT&SC are feeling generous. So, go throw on your gold rope and get buck wild!

The Cool Kids–Action Figures MP3

(Edit: The Cool Kids are set to release The Bake Sale EP and have already released Totally Flossed Out.  Sorry.  We ain’t even gonna front about our mistake.)


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