Baltimore’s Got It On Lock

St. Louis should be jealous. Forget Brooklyn, Austin, and Nashville (ok, don’t, we love them all). Baltimore, MD is the home-base of many talented, experimental acts right now that we think you should know about. Of course, B-More boasts some bigger names like Animal Collective, Dan Deacon and Spank Rock, but there are literally tons of smaller bands reppin’ their hood (or, hood away-from-hood) in neon fanny-packs and flat-billed caps. Here are our picks:

The Death Set–Oh my word, these dudes are so tight. 2 Baltimorites by way of Australia produce spasmodic punk beats mixed with distorted guitars. Spread some Casio-lovin’ all over it, and the final result is dance-punk madness. Oh, and they make ill remixes.


Ecstatic Sunshine–Experimental, but by no means inaccessible, guitar driven noise held down by three seriously talented dudes. Although encountering a few rough patches (including the loss of founding member Dustin Wong to Ponytail), the boys are set to release a full-length LP in April entitled Way.

Videohippos–With elements of electro, noise, and psych-pop, this duo combines their jamz with insane video collages that are just as complex as their sound. They have a penchant for hyper-colors and toy-instruments, which is way cool. Their latest album, Unleash The Beast, has a very lo-fi element to it and showcases a punk aesthetic on top of Nintendo beeps and blips.

Go ahead, treat yaself:

Ecstatic Sunshine–Anagram MP3

Videohippos–Kool Shades MP3


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