God Warrior of the Week

God Warrior of the Week


Dan Deacon!

After listening to Spiderman of Rings, this entire summer, I was hooked. I had to see Dan live. So I trekked over to The House Cafe in Dekalb, IL and watched him perform to a crowd of probably less than 100. It was one of the best shows I’ve experienced and I was in love. I will admit, Dan has been the man who broke my heart numerous times in the past. This past summer, at the Pitchfork Festival, he failed to play Wham City because of his lack of crowd control. He then canceled his show at The Billiken Club this past semester because of exhaustion. Dan and I were not hitting it off so well, BUT then… he recently posted a bulletin on Myspace revealing that he was giving all of his former work for FREE! That’s right, FOR FREE! I mean how I could I not fall in love with him again?

The Baltimore, MD native is quite unique in his genre of music. Singing songs about made up ethereal worlds of animals playing instruments, but on the other hand, doing off ball covers of Ludacris. It kind of sounds like a computer being run through a blender until its confetti form and Dan is the one to throw it up in the air. I still haven’t quite forgiven him completely, but I’ll see what happens when he comes to The Billiken Club on April, 12th. It might be love at first sight, again, after all he is a God Warrior.

In case you forgot what a God Warrior is…

A God Warrior is a person who protects and defeats any kinds of demons for the greater good of the world. Either by being really HOTT! or just simply making sweet sweet music. To be a God Warrior has no connotation to religion of any kind regardless of the name , but they indeed cannot worship the Devil.



4 responses to “God Warrior of the Week

  1. you two ladies make me quite happy. now my question is, when are we going to have a god warrior princess of the week?

    suggestion: thao. i mean, duh.


  2. does dan fit under the really hot category or the making sweet music one?

    thanks for pointing me in the direction of the free music! hell yes!

  3. To each his own, my fair friend.
    To each his own.

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