Put My Body Glitter On ‘Cuz I Never Hesitate


This girl’s rockin’ shoulder pads, copious amounts of gold, and prefers to stomp once for Britney.

Gem sweater-enthusiast and self-proclaimed cewebrity Leslie Hall is the driving force behind Leslie and the Ly’s, the freaky-deaky hip-hop/electro combo straight outta Ames, Iowa. With a penchant for spandex gold pants and scary blue eyeshadow, she is everything we here at TT&SC could ever hope to be.

Not afraid to get nasty, Leslie raps about stopping at Dairy Queen before hitting the club and getting “hotter than a stick of hot glue”. Leslie currently lives at home with her parents, practicing lady-flips and scissor kicks by day and pumping out the finest beats she can by night.

Claiming influences such as Elvira: Mistress of the Night, Reba McIntyre, and Rikki Lake, one can only wonder how this lady finds her place in the biz. If the whole music thing doesn’t work out, she can always fall back on her 165+ gem sweater collection.



2 responses to “Put My Body Glitter On ‘Cuz I Never Hesitate

  1. oh yes, this is another thing i have to give credit to anna for showing me. hell yes.

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