“Appy Halloween” & Other Animal Musings



Ever wonder what Animal Collective was like throughout their formative years? Was Avey Tare always bouncing around like a nut? Did Geologist constantly have his light-headband on? Was Deakin always seemingly M.I.A.? Well, one thing is for sure: Panda Bear was getting his freak on at an early age.

During his brief stay at Boston University, experimental-psych rocker Panda (a.k.a. Noah Lennox) made a series of short films under the writing and direction of hip-hop weirdo Black Nasty, who now likes to spit about butts and Anne Frank. These films have gained somewhat of a cult-like following over the years due to the ever-increasing popularity of Noah and his band.

Our favorite video out of the series of three would have to be Appy Halloween. We see a young Panda who idolizes George Washington (“he did human things”), dressed up as his favorite patriot and ready to have some Halloween fun. Shit goes wrong when the elevator suddenly stops working. With seemingly no way out, a very sad Georgie is ready to hang up his powdered wig and call it a night. Lo and behold, Jason shows up and the rest is history, as they say:


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