Album Review | Born Ruffians – Red, Yellow, and Blue


The first single off of native Canadians, Born Ruffians’ first album, Red, Yellow, and Blue was “Hummingbird” and didn’t fail to disappoint fans of their EP with great hits like “This Sentence Will Save/Ruin Your Life.” The single was an example of what would be expected on the boys’ first full length released on Warp Records and set huge anticipation for it. Being a fan of the basement recording of their original EP, it’s quite surprising to hear such a clean sound, but it’s obvious that the boys put a lot of work into this album. The title track, “Red, Yellow and Blue” sets a very strong tone for the album, with a slow beginning and progressive patriotic drumming was a little bit off putting at first. As you listen to the album further, the boys return to the rampant marching of the drums and the quick pulls on the guitar with their ever so precious quirky chanting voices laid over on top. With lyrics like “none of the girls seem to think you’re cool/ it’s probably because you smell bad”, how could you not fall in love with Born Ruffians? By far, one of my favorite tracks is “Badonkadonkey” which remains one of the more familiar sounding tracks for fans of former work and the title just cracks me up. Born Ruffians worked hard on this album as well as touring to support it and you can tell that this is their little baby. Red, Yellow and Blue is a great well rounded album and the boys should be proud.


You can check out their latest single, “Foxes Mate For Life“.


Listen to more tracks on their myspizzle.




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