God Warrior of the Week / Welcome!

A God Warrior is a person who protects and defeats any kinds of demons for the greater good of the world. Either by being really HOTT! or just simply making sweet sweet music. To be a God Warrior has no connotation to religion of any kind regardless of the name , but they indeed cannot worship the Devil.


This week’s God Warrior is Charlie Salas-Humara, more formally known as 1/2 of the electro-spaz funk duo, Panther. His falsetto soars high over sassy blips and bloops as he shakes his moneymaker and shows the world how it oughta be done. Panther’s latest effort, “14 kt. god”, even further solidifies Charlie’s status as God Warrior of the Week because we here at Toe Taps and Spastic Claps have an unending love for 14 Kt. everythang. Ch-ch-check Panther’s video for “How Well Can You Swim?” if you wanna see this dude get his swerve on.


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